Overlapping rights

After “Mailo” was established by the British Empire in Uganda in early 1900s, mailo tenure has been one of the most conflicted land tenures in the area. The main conflict stems from overlapping rights between owners and tenants. Approx. 80% of mailo land are affected overlapping rights and the majority of these are either in conflict or fear to be in conflict (Huber et al., 2018). This affects approx. 800 000 households in Central Uganda alone. Overlapping land rights is therefore one of the most prevalent issues in Uganda that restricts the country’s development.

GIZ explains the issue

How do we solve it?

The Approach

Our approach is simple

  1. Resolve conflict locally by connecting owners, tenants, and the local chairperson
  2. Register the land
  3. Provide access for tenants and owners to interact with their data and trade their rights
Business Model

Business model

The platform makes revenue by taking a small fee for digitizing the land and a transaction fee for assisting the tenants transact payments and assets in a simple yet transparent and legally compliant way.
The Result

What is the result?

A secure and accessible land trading site for all Ugandans.

“The overlap of ownership and use rights on Mailo land has been identified as a key impediment to investment and improved productive efficiency in Uganda’s agricultural economy. […] negotiation platforms […] would help create the right environment in searching for long term solutions to the problem of overlapping rights on Mailo land.”

World Bank Group, 2018

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